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What are Our Fees?

Our Fees are pretty basic.  Unlike our competitors, we charge a flat fee only - it's that simple!

  • No surprises...
  • No additional fees...
  • No upcharges...
  • It's that easy!

What Will NonProfit Organization Services.Org do for You?

Our flat fee includes the preparation of your nonprofit organization forms as specified on our "Services" page - (Please click on the Services button to see the work we will perform for you!) - and includes any postage, telephone calls, additional letters and photocopying necessary.

Your Cost

Since there are so many different programs in which we are involved, it would be difficult to list all our fees here or email all the information to you!  There are many factors concerned when discussing our services and subsequent fees, and since we aren't really sure which services you would need, ie: do you need help with the nonprofit setup for Federal or State nonprofit, tax-exempt development or both, do you need help with just Incorporation, will our services alone suffice or do you need additional assistance, etc. -- well, it's a little difficult and impersonal to tell you about our services and subsequent fees via our website and email, especially without knowing anything about you and/or your project!  Besides being a little old-fashioned, I'd prefer speaking with you so we can become comfortable with each other, before deciding to do business together.

I'd be happy to discuss the different programs available to you, and our services and fees, as well as our different payment plans, if needed, with you.  We take payments via business checks, Credit Cards and PayPal.  Feel free to call me at 1.865.408.8833, or click here to Email your phone number to me and I would be more than willing to call you personally.  Please let me know which you'd prefer, and we'll see what can be done to help you with your program!

If you are interested but need some more information, please feel free to call and ask for me, Travis Belcher, and I will be happy to discuss your needs and determine if we can help you!  I thank you in advance for your interest in our services and look forward to hearing from you soon!

Call for More Information -- Dial: 1.865.408.8833

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