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What can NonProfit Organization Services.Org do for You?

NonProfit Organization Services.Org will not only set-up your non-profit corporation for you, but we can handle the writing of your grant proposal and research potential grant money and funding for your organization's programs!

If you have ever tried to fill out all those IRS 1023 forms and attempted to deal with the mounds of confusing paperwork -- then you know how difficult and time consuming obtaining your non-profit status can be -- but help is on the way!

Get Started Today

If you'd prefer working on the programs your organization offers that need your attention -- if you'd prefer to let the experts take care of this type of difficult paperwork so you can take care of the work you know and do best, then don't you think it's about time you called?

You know us -- and have trusted us to handle your grant proposals, grant funding, data and documentation research and project development for over 18 years!

Now, let us help you setup your Nonprofit Organization -- so you can enjoy the free time you need to manage and organize your project, organization or program!

Call: 1.865.408.8833

Let NonProfit Organization Services.Org help you get started today.