This is not legal advice. non-profit-services.org, Grantproposalservices.com, Nonprofitsetupservices.com, and/or GPRS cannot and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with our ideas, information, tools, form assistance or strategies. We are committed to your success! All the staff have years of experience and if you find anything confusing or difficult, just add a comment and we’ll coach you through it, or if you have issues obtaining your tax-exempt status due to additional requirements by the IRS, please email with a request for further assistance and we will make every effort to assist you. If we’re completely unable to help you, your free will be refunded, but that will be solely at our discretion after the client has asked for help and only if tax-exempt status has been completely and thoroughly denied by the IRS. The reason is that there are some jerks in the world who’ll download all the forms, listen to all the information, and then ask for a refund. If we’re sure we’re not able to help you, we’ll refund your fee, but that’s solely at our discretion.

Hours of Operation
non-profit-services.org, Grantproposalservices.com, Nonprofitsetupservices.com, and GPRS’s office hours are M-F 9am to 5pm EST. We close for all government observed holidays and for inclimate weather in our area.

These policies and procedures apply to all non-profit-services.org, Grantproposalservices.com, Nonprofitsetupservices.com, and GPRS products and services sold on this site or any other site owned by any of entities that include a link to this page.

Billing Address
Billing address must be the same as the shipping address. Due to credit card procedures, we cannot ship to a different address than we bill to.

Personal Checks
All checks are held for 10 business days. Orders placed with a check will be held for 10 business days. Once 10 business days is complete, the order will be released and shipped. All returned check will be charged a $35 USD return check fee. Counter checks will not be accepted. Checks and money orders must be sent in US funds.

Customer Service
If you have questions or comments regarding any products, please email us at I have Questions or call 865.272.9539.