Nonprofit business meeting

Many other companies offering services similar to those offered by NonProfit Organization Services.Org begin their fees at $1,000.00. Unfortunately, all they end up doing for that price are the Articles of Incorporation and Organization By-Laws. The problem for you is that you cannot claim to be a nonprofit organization and get grant funding with just a nonprofit incorporation status!

When starting up your nonprofit organization, you will need to complete numerous forms and paperwork. For example, in order to obtain your nonprofit, federal 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status, one must fill out a 32-page application and send it to the IRS and “request” approval. If you’re at all familiar with the IRS 1040 form, this is similar to what their tax-exempt request form looks like! Since there are so many forms to fill out, most people are often confused and unsure where to start. Fortunately, NonProfit Organization Services.Org is here to help.

Instead of charging you for each and every single item or form you will need completed, at NonProfit Organization Services.Org, we do it all for you – and for one flat fee! Give us a call and we’ll take care of all your nonprofit setup needs. For one low rate, we’ll help get you started and all for absolutely no hidden fees or charges!

No two states are alike, and different types of organizations require different schedules, or no schedules at all. To find out what your fees will be or for more information, please call Travis Belcher, and let NonProfit Organization Services.Org take care of your organization!

Call: 1.865.408.8833 for additional information today.